Harness the power of Intelligence

The right tooling for the right purpose

The past decade 'Data growth' has exploded exponentially and will keep doing so endlessly. Companies commonly manage to gather as much data as they can about their customers, nevertheless only a few succeed in using this crucial gathered data to improve their operational process to reduce costs and/or increase their conversion rate.

With the right tooling for the right purpose this valuable data can be converted into information. How..?, by 'Harnessing the power of Intelligence'.

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  3. WebTechnology
Predictive analysis
Predictive analysis will help your organisation to recognizing your customers behavior and predict the outcome and trends.
Data visualisation
Improve the way you present your reports by using advance visualization principles.
IOS Developer
Dedicated development
Opensource platforms

Armando is truly passionate about his work which reflects in a professional attitude as well as someone who energizes people around him. Working with him both as a Demand & Supply manager as a Project Manager I have come to know him as very knowledgeable in his field, thorough in his analyses, precise, and overseeing the broader picture. He proactively looks for alternatives and means to improve himself and the processes around him, and has a clear view on business information & intelligence, which message he is able to bring across as well. Beside this, he is a colleague you can count on every time, and knows how to deal with time critical situations. Armando is very pleasant to work with and an asset to have on your team.

Roel van Roden - Projectmanager

Enthousiaste professional met absoluut kennis van zaken. Armando is een doorzetter. Heeft een duidelijke visie en zal zijn aanpak en/of plan niet snel opgeven. Uiteraard verliest hij het belang van de organisatie en zijn projectgroep niet uit het oog! Met Armando is het zeer prettig samenwerken.

Loes Spoelman - Account Director Data Quality Management

I had the pleasure to work with Armando Nolten on a major MIS project in Nederlandse Staatsloterij. Innovative, highly organized, precise and goal oriented person. Multi-skilled perfectionist and hardworking analyst with deep and practical experience of business methodologies. Is able to play any role required in an MIS / IT project, always very proactive and motivated.

George Mitsainas - Senior Manager Business Intelligence

We worked with Armando during a large BI implementation project and found him being both visionary and detail oriented. It a pleasure working with him, and it is great to sit down and make plans with him, even better seeing them come to live afterwards!

Titus Tischer - IBM Cloudant DBaas Leader Benelux